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EARTH is in danger! Ignorance, stupidity, obsession with power and greed are increasingly spreading. This disturbing development was reflected in many areas. But there is hope: More and more Terrans understand the need to work for the well-being and future of humanity.

However, one of the more well-known groups fighting for creativity and common sense found that even in their ranks, ignorance had already taken root. One year ago, this group, which was called just THE SIDE, broke up. Only a few remained.

Since then, many people have tried to change the remainings of THE SIDE. But now these people have to admit a defeat: a year later, it's just as if nothing had happened.

Now a mysterious figure invites those who have turned their backs on THE SIDE to visit SCARSDALE MANSION. These people who call themselves INTERNET REVIEWERS accept the invitation, even though they do not know why they are here, and they are completely unaware that they are being watched...

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