Escape From Vault Disney (Podcast) #23: "Freaky Friday (2003)" (with Kyle Kallgren!)

First released September 26, 2020 NOTE: Only a select few episodes of Escape From Vault Disney will be available here on my YouTube channel. To hear EVERY episode, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Apple Podcasts: Audible: Google Play: Spotify: Pipedream Podcasts: RSS feed: Follow this show on Twitter: Pledge to my Patreon to get each new episode early! And don't forget to rate the show and leave a review! Patreon Request Month just keeps chuggin' along with Justin Wilton's request for the 2003 remake of the unforgettable classic story that dared to ask the bold cinematic question, "What if person was other person?" Join Tony Goldmark, Charlie Callahan, Haley Baker Callahan and Kyle Kallgren as they wake up on FREAKY FRIDAY (2003)! The Walt Disney Company has created some of the greatest, most acclaimed works of art in the history of cinema, and also unfathomable amounts of absolute garbage. And the Disney+ streaming service is loaded with both! Join YouTube personality Tony Goldmark, aka Some Jerk With A Camera, and a rotating series of guests as each week they pick a Disney+ title completely at random, dissect it for your amusement, and determine it to be "Disney Plus" or "Disney Minus." It's ESCAPE FROM VAULT DISNEY! TONY GOLDMARK YouTube: Twitter: CHARLIE CALLAHAN Twitter: YouTube: HALEY BAKER CALLAHAN Twitter: YouTube: KYLE KALLGREN Twitter: YouTube: Edited by Tony Goldmark Cover Art by Luke Ski And Special Thanks to Justin Wilton for requesting this movie! DISCLAIMER: This video, like every video on this channel, is intended only for mature audiences. While the topic at hand is a form of media commonly associated with small children, the purpose of this video is to present a mixture of analysis and comedy about said media from a distinctly adult perspective, which may possibly include profane language and references to sex, drugs and/or violence. YouTube, like many websites, collects personal data on its users. The Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) has made it illegal to collect personal data on children younger than 13, and rather than fix their own algorithm, YouTube is essentially threatening to pass the blame onto content creators whose work may seem "attractive" to children. For these reasons, the producers of this video feel compelled to state, in no uncertain terms, that if you allow a child under 13 years old to watch this YouTube channel, you are a bad parent or guardian.

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