Shogun Warriors Failed So Transformers Could Succeed: From Godzilla to Force Five & Beyond

Welcome to the new episode of Toy Galaxy. And that's what it is all about: Thanks to Immi for sponsoring this video! Go to and use code TOYGALAXY at checkout to save $5 on your order. The Shogun Warriors were the main characters of a line of toys licensed by Mattel Inc. during the late 1970s. They were a series of imported Japanese toys based on several anime and tokusatsu shows featuring giant robots such as Gaiking, Mazinger, Combattra, Raideen and Godzilla. The Shogun Warriors were also the stars of a Marvel comic that ran until 1980 and were also kinda the stars of a cartoon called Force Five. Kinda. But for all they did right Shogun Warriors got a lot wrong but they did lay the groundwork for properties like Transformers and Masters of the Universe to succeed just a few years later. Help the channel continue to grow by checking out our Patreon: To become a YouTube channel member: Follow Us on Twitch for Hot Livestream Action: Second Channel: Follow Dan on Instagram: Toy Galaxy P.O. box 3976 Manchester, NH 03105-3976 Business Inquiries:

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