The Failure of the Emperor's New Groove: Kingdom of the Sun & The Sweatbox

Welcome to the new episode of Secret Galaxy. And that's what it is all about: Use my code TOYGALAXY to get $5 off your delicious, high protein Magic Spoon cereal by clicking this link: In this video, we delve into the intriguing story behind the notorious failure of Disney's animated film, "The Emperor's New Groove," which originally started as "Kingdom of the Sun." Join us as we explore the turbulent journey of this ambitious project and the documentary that exposed its tumultuous production, known as "The Sweatbox." Discover how the initial vision for a grandiose musical epic set in ancient Peru drastically morphed into a lighthearted buddy comedy filled with comedy and slapstick humor that is "The Emperor's New Groove". Witness the ambitious vision of directors Roger Allers and Mark Dindal clash with the demands and expectations of Disney executives. We also shine a spotlight on the controversial documentary that Disney doesn't want you to see, "The Sweatbox," directed by Trudie Styler (Sting's wife), which inadvertently captured the chaos surrounding the film's production. Unearth the raw emotions and unfiltered opinions expressed by the filmmakers and artists as they grapple with the challenges and uncertainties they faced during this tumultuous period. Prepare to be captivated by the story of "The Emperor's New Groove," an animated film that faced significant setbacks, underwent drastic changes, and ultimately transformed into a cult classic despite its initial struggles. Subscribe now and don't miss this enthralling journey through the triumphs and tribulations of the Disney animation world! SOURCES Help the channel continue to grow by checking out our Patreon: Follow Us on Twitch for Hot Livestream Action: Second Channel: Follow Dan on Instagram: Toy Galaxy P.O. box 3976 Manchester, NH 03105-3976 Business Inquiries:

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